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Licensing liabilities for Qt 4.7.3

  • Hi all,

    we have built Qt4.7.3 (QT QML) using build root in our root fs in linux. We want to know the licensing liabilities for Qt 4.7.3. Please let me know if you know the size and other limitations that would be great.


  • Which licensing liabilities?
    I hope you know you are inb a community forum, not a Nokia FAQ?
    The Qt license is included in the SDK / Qt source tarball.

  • Weird request... you first start working and then you start to wonder if the license supports that work? That is the wrong way around, IMHO.

    Anyway, there is plenty to be found on Qt licensing here on the forum, but remember that what you find here is not legal advice. Go to the "Tag Search": page, and start typing "licen" in the search box. You'll see the different tags that have been used to mark licensing related content on this site.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply..

    We have taken the QT tar for opensource-embedded platform. We have integrated to the platform. As per the development we have taken the SDK. Now we have developing the QT QML for the target. We just want to know when the product is released in the market what are the licensing issues will occur.


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    I am not a lawyer and I definitely do not know your local jurisdication (go to a lawyer for that), but here is my understanding of the issue:

    If you changed Qt and were using the LGPL version to do that, then you need to contribute those changes back to the Qt project under the LGPL license. So I am looking forward to seeing your platform integration code;-)

    You are free to use any LGPL-compatible license for all of your code that does not touch the Qt library code itself.

  • So you basically created a new Qt port (the QML part is not relevant here because it's part of Qt) for your platform and wonder what to do with the patches? Are you using Qt under the LGPL or did you license it with Qt Commercial/Digia?

  • Thanks -:)

    I have understood the LGPL. presently we are using LGPL thanks for the info.

  • [quote author="gauravverma" date="1324381537"]
    I have understood the LGPL.

    I seriously doubt this.

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