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FileDialog and sidebar visible property

  • Hello, I'm using qt 5.9.7. I need to hide the side bar belonging to the classical FileDialog popup and to accomplish this task I set to false the property sidebarVisible how explained in , however the sidebar continues to appear.

    FileDialog {
    id: browseDialog

    The function opening the file dialog is
    function findDatabase()
    browseDialog.sidebarVisible = false; // HERE THE SIDEBAR PROPERTY IS SET TO FALSE
    browseDialog.nameFilters= filefilters("NAMEDB3")
    browseDialog.folder = "file:///"+inifolder("NAMEDB3")
    browseDialog.selectDb = true
    //browseDialog.folder = "file:///"+dialogRowBrowse.editText//inifolder("PATHDB3")
    //browseDialog.folder = dialogRowSearch.editText==="" ? inifolder("NAMEDB3") : "file:///"+dialogRowBrowse.editText

        console.log("find db */*" + browseDialog.sidebarVisible);  // OPEN FILE DIALOG

    Is there anyone who had the same problem ?

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