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Qt Installer Framework - TargetDirectoryInUse in CLI

  • Hi,
    I am using QT Installer Framework 4.0.1 and I have strange problem with command line interface.
    After I uninstalled my program with option RemoveTargetDir = false set in config.xml ( I want to keep data files after uninstall ), if I run this command to re-install my program in same directory

    MyProgramInstaller.exe --root C:\TestProgram --confirm-command install

    it will cause an error:

    TargetDirectoryInUse : Error : The directory you selected already exists and contains an installation. Choose a different target for installation.

    But strange thing is if I install by using GUI instead of CLI, the installer give no warning at all and I still can install my program to that folder. So how do I surpass this error and force installer to use that directory from CLI ?

    Edit: I am testing on Windows 7

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