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qmake: How to override installation prefix for build outputs?

  • Hello!

    I'm building QML plugin, this one in particular. It provides only QMake-based build process for Qt 5.15. The issue is, QMake installs plugin's binaries and other files into Qt installation it belongs to. And I want all those files to be installed into separate directory, for later separate packing and distribution. Configuring qmake describes set of QT_INSTALL_ properties which specify different locations for different kinds of files. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to modify all of them at once. Changing QT_INSTALL_PREFIX changes only its value. So can I modify all those properties at once somehow? Or do I need to specify all of their values by hand?

    EDIT: It seems that overriding all those properties gives exactly zero results. QMake simply ignores them and still installs everything into Qt distribution it belongs to.


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