Debugging in Qt creator gives SIGABRT

  • I'm sure I'm not the first one to report this, but I haven't found any related posts.
    I am developing a simple multi-threaded application in Qt Creator (two threads).
    My second thread, worker thread, has multiple references to Qt Vectors.
    When triggering breakpoints in that thread. Qt frequently displays a message box
    saying SIGABRT. Usually at this point the Qt debugger hangs. If it doesn't I can see
    the SIGABRT is triggered by an "index out of range" error in a Qt Vector. However, the error is not in my code. I suspect the error is in Qt debugger itself and that the error is triggered while trying to evaluate a symbol or expression for display. Its very frustrating. It makes it impossible to debug using QT debugger. I'm forced to use printf's or the equivalent.
    Is there a way to suppress the assert in the Qt Vector. Is there a way to prevent the debugger from hanging?
    If I'm posting in the wrong place, please point me to the proper location.
    Thanks in advance.

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    @C-Cubed said in Debugging in Qt creator gives SIGABRT:

    However, the error is not in my code

    Even if it breaks inside Qt the source of the issue still can be in your code.
    Please post a stack trace after the crash.
    Also: does a debug build run without debugging without crashes?

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    @C-Cubed What OS, what target OS and what QtCreator, what Qt version and what debugger are we talking about here ?

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