QMessageManager can not find email account.

  • Hello,

    The program:

    QMessageManager manager;
    foreach (const QMessageAccountId &id, manager.queryAccounts())
    QMessageAccount account(id);
    if (account.messageTypes() & QMessage::Email)
    //start composing email * for instance

    The problem: messagemanager can not find any email accounts on my Nokia 5230 although there most certainly is an account defined and defaulted. For instance if I go to Gallery and want to send an image as an email attachment the Gallery readily finds the default account and starts composing.

    But when my qt mobility test app does the following...

    QMessage message;
    message.setTo(QMessageAddress(QMessageAddress::Email, mail_account));
    QMessageService ms;

    ... I get a message 'No mailbox defined. Define now?'. What am I missing?

    I am Using Nokia Qt SDK
    Qt Creator 2.0.1, Qt Mobility 1.0.2, Symbian SDK 4.6.3-3

    Best Regards,


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