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Cannot inlcude includes ??

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  • @AnneRanch
    The warnings tell you despite the #includes it doesn't know what class MainWindow is. That in turn comes from the banner message at the top, telling you the code "could not parse" some included file(s), for whatever reason.

    Either you have some error in one of the two #included files (maybe the Show Details button would tell.)

    Or, if you have upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 recently(?), the version of clang --- used for Creator's Code Model --- supplied with the OS is not up-to-date enough for Creator. You will have clang 8, but you need clang 9. I think the command is sudo apt install clang-9, then exit & re-enter Creator and all will be good.

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    Just a small issue in the code model or in mainwindow.h - tooling problem.

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