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Can not see values of Objects e.g. QDomElement in QtCreator debug mode

  • Hi all,

    I am using Qt 5.4 with Qt-Creator 3.3 and in debug mode I cant see the content of some objects like QDomElement or QDomList. There is data inside which I can work
    with, but I can't see what's inside. It works fine with own objects and other variables.
    I see the following:
    Screenshot 2021-02-11 124258.png

    Thanks a lot in advance,

  • @ssaerdna
    Hello and welcome.

    Your screenshot has not been uploaded.

    You don't need to use the Picture button on the toolbar, which will force you to put it at some public external URL. You can use the "Cloud" Upload Image button at the far right to upload your image to this forum directly.

  • Hi John,

    thank you :-)
    done..I mean the picture, the question is still not solved ;-)

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