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[SOLVED]Qt 4.7 udpsocket and encoding issue

  • Hello,

    my name is ilias.I am studying Computers Science in Greece.This period i am composing my degree exercise which is about an automated system about students registration in my college.

    I have developed my application in two parts:
    1)the first one will be used on a small number of computers where someone will can go and fill the form for his registration(clients)
    2)the second one will be installed on a computer only("server") and it will be the computer which will receive the forms from computers where app 1 will be installed.

    My issue now:
    To application 2(server) i want to receive greek characters - that user would filled on their forms.I am using a QUdpSocket to do this but my problem will continue exist even if i change to QTcpSocket(i want to).

    the code tha application 1 use to send(to get data i use a vector<QString> where i have stored the fields tha user has complete)
    for (int i = 0 ; i < 18 ; i++)
    QByteArray datagram = array[i].toAscii();
    udpSocket->writeDatagram(datagram.data(), datagram.size(),QHostAddress::Broadcast, 45454);

    but the only thing i receive is something like "??????? ???? ???".

    the code that application 2 use to receive elements and store them in a vector<QString>
    QByteArray datagram;
    udpSocket->readDatagram(datagram.data(), datagram.size());

    array[cnt1][cnt2] = datagram.data();


    I have tried to change the encoding of the element before send and after receiving with this function that i have made:
    //Encoding transformation to greek 'windows-1253'
    QString MainWindow::transform_text(QByteArray temp)
    QTextCodec *codec = QTextCodec::codecForName("Windows-1253");
    QString string = codec->toUnicode(temp);
    return string;
    but it didn't work.

    So, i am asking for your help about sending Greek Characters and receiving correct threw a QUdpSocket.
    For any information about i will be glad to answer.

    Best regards
    Ilias Pavlidakis

  • Hi,

    replied in the other post.


  • Thank you very much.
    I try it the way you suggest me and worked perfectly :)

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