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Interacting with Puppet and/or extending QML designer

  • I'd like to add draggable handles to my custom QML control inside Qt creator design mode. Something like PathView editor ("pathtool" in the code).

    (In WPF/XAML those are called "design-time adorners" and require compiling a special library. I couldn't find equivalent documentation for Qt)

    As far as I know, Qt Creator only allows to visually interact with entities (i.e. drag&drop) by resizing them.

    Making child rectangles and moving them would almost be acceptable if I could at least forbid changing their size since it's very easy to do so by mistake when they are very small, and making them larger makes it hard to select the one I want.

    Pathtool is built into Creator (and not into PathView or it's designer-support QML), and I couldn't find any other non-built-into examples of similar things. So what I want would more or less require modifying and recompiling at least QML designer plugin of Qt Creator. That's understandable but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

    Another possibility is to maybe somehow interact (maybe with the help of some external tools?) with QML emulation layer aka Puppet, but I'm struggling to find any information on how it even works.

    Can anyone suggest any documentation or code examples on interacting with or extending either Puppet or QML designer?

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