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What's the future look like for QtPDF

  • I managed to get QtPDF working on 5.15.2 with MSVC 2019 (32-bit); I had to compile it from source but it wasn't prohibitively difficult, just a few dependencies (had to install ATL and MFC support in VS, and some tools -- perl and some other stuff I forget).

    The documentation at is very incomplete though. Also it wasn't available out of the box (it's the only module I've had to manually build, ever, really).

    My question is: What's up with this? It's super useful, and even having to compile it it's a lot less of a pain to set up than e.g. Poppler, but it's also super sketchy. Is that just because it's new?

    More specifically:

    1. Is it around to stay?
    2. Is the API stable or should I expect changes?
    3. Will there ever be support for MinGW? I don't normally work with MSVC and the compiler differences keep hurting my productivity a bit. Plus, it cuts off my Linux / Mac options.


  • @mnbv said in What's the future look like for QtPDF:

    Is it just really new?

    This module was introduced in Qt 5.14.

    I take it you need the features of Qt PDF? If all you want is to print PDF you can just do that via QPrinter/QWebEnginePage::printToPdf().

  • @JonB Yes I need the features of QtPDF... that's why I'm asking about it. :)

    I know it is really new, I read the documentation that I linked to; I asked if it was "sketchy" (incompletely documented, unavailable for all kits, not present out of the box) because it was really new (I've edited to clarify...). More specifically, what I'm asking about is listed in the numbered list of questions that I typed.

  • @mnbv said in What's the future look like for QtPDF:

    Yes I need the features of QtPDF... that's why I'm asking about it. :)

    If you look around the forum posts, you'll see that people ask all sorts of questions which turn out to require quite different resolutions. Half the effort here in answering questions is trying to guess/anticipate what the OP really means/needs!

    Questioners here roughly divide into those who know what they are talking/asking about, and those who don't. You apparently fit into the former category ;-)

  • @JonB The three numbered questions that I've listed are my questions, if anybody is wondering...

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    Since this is a user-driven forum I would guess the mailing list is a much better place to ask the devs.

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher Ok, thanks. I'll post there.

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