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Assigning a value to a QScopedPointer<QString>?

  • Hello, hope everyone is well. Got a pickle of an error here, any tips would be appreciated. Been googling for over an hour and no luck so far. Is it possible to assign a value to a variable wrapped in a QScopedPointer? Error I get is "no operator = matches these operands"

    QScopedPointer<QString> customerString;
    QString newString01 = "Valued Customer";
    existingString = newString01; // error line

  • @Calicoder

    I can't say what type existingString is, but you can't assign a QString value to a QScopedPointer.

    As stated here, QScopedPointer does not have any = operator or copy c'tor.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    But the real question here is - why do you want to use QScopedPointer<QString> in the first place?

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