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Several Qt versions recently vanished from the download server, where to find them as http(s) tar download?

  • After the download server incident two weeks ago, I noticed several changes in the paths for the qt versions there: new_archive is now called new-archive and several qt versions dissappeared. I think I looked in any directory on the server, but maybe I am missing something. I also did not see any announcements on the mailing lists about discontinuing the archive downloads (other very old versions are still there).

    • Qt 5.6 is missing (was in new_archive)
    • Qt 5.10 is missing (was in new_archive)
    • Qt 5.11 is missing (was in new_archive)

    Any ideas how to get them via http download?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Due to the recent problems with the data storage there are still some pieces missing. See the mailing list for more information.

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