Unable to install Qt on Ubuntu

  • Hi..

    I am trying to install Qt using the online installer on Ubuntu 18.04.Screenshot from 2021-01-29 18-26-18.png
    I manually navigate to the URL and the file that it is searching for does not exist, I pressume it was replaced with a newer version.

    Any suggestions?

  • All mirrors seems to be down. You could get the offilne instller from here. I gave up on the online installer after messing with it for a whole week.

  • @tIk90wT

    1. procedure fallow any one of this. I used first method in my case working fine.
      sudo apt-get install build-essential
      sudo apt-get install qtcreator
      sudo apt-get install qt5-default

    2. qt.io/download-qt-installer site choose Qt online installer for Linux (64-bit)

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