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Gifs are not displayed on the QT app ARM64 with no errors

  • Hi,

    I am developing a QT application which will be integrated into a linux device under arm64 with a screen, which integrates some Qpushbuttons and Qlabel. In some Qlabel I add Gifs like this:

        m_stateLive = new QLabel();
        stateLiveGif = new 
        proxy1 = new QGraphicsProxyWidget();

    When i compile the QT application in DESKTOP version, it work very well, i can see the GIF animated, But when i CROSS-COMPILE for ARCH64, The QT application work fine with all button.. but the Gifs are not diplayed in any situation, i don't now why, when i cross compile, there was no error, and also in my LOG data when application are running in linux arm64 device

    Some one have any idea why Gifs are not displayed ? thanks.

  • Find solution ! Finally i add in my arch64 device in the right folder /usr/lib/plugins/imageformats ! Thanks again @raven-worx

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    does your Qt cross-compilation have a "plugins/imageformats/" plugin in its output?
    Also check the output of QImageReader::supportedImageFormats()

  • Hi @raven-worx ,

    Thanks for reply !

    I did not find "plugins/imageformats/" in the outpout of my cross compilation, but i find "" in the repository of my cross compilator "...plugins/imageformats/"

    Output QImageReader::supportedImageFormats() =>

    QImageReader ("bmp", "jpeg", "jpg", "pbm", "pgm", "png", "ppm", "xbm", "xpm")

    what should i do so to add the gif ?


  • Find solution ! Finally i add in my arch64 device in the right folder /usr/lib/plugins/imageformats ! Thanks again @raven-worx

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