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Open-source Docking Windows, Ribbon(like) Bar, Components and more.

  • Hi,

    I'm a long term developer with many years of Qt experience behind me, I have started open sourcing various pieces of code that I've developed both with my company and my own personal projects.

    Visual studio style docking windows. https://github.com/KestrelRadarSensors/dockingpanes

    Provides an implementation of docking windows (supports docking, floating, tabbed, pinned etc) that works on windows, linux and macOS.

    Ribbon(like) Bar. https://github.com/fizzyade/qt-ribbon

    A simple ribbon bar which also includes a designer plugin to make it easy to use, runs under macOS, Windows & Linux and supports Dark and Light mode under macOS. Provides themed widgets which match the style

    Component System. https://github.com/fizzyade/componentsystem

    A higher level system for handling plugins, allows dependencies which are resolved at load time and a system for registering objects so that other components can find and extend the software.

    Settings Dialog. https://github.com/fizzyade/SettingsDialog

    *A small library for creating application settings, under macOS it provides a Mac style settings window with animated transitions and on windows and linux it provides a more traditional settings style. *

    Font Awesome helper library. https://github.com/fizzyade/FontAwesomeForQt

    Another small library that uses a tags to allow font awesome glyphs to be used inline in text

    All of these can be seen in action in the following projects:

    Pingnoo, a ping route analyser. https://github.com/fizzyade/pingnoo

    Open-source and cross-platform ping analyser application.

    dmgee, a DMG designer/creator. https://github.com/fizzyade/dmgee

    Tool for designing DMG files for software distribution.

    I figure some of this stuff may be useful for people, everything is under active development and I'd love to accept any ideas or even better, code submissions that improve and add new features to stuff.

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