QT compiler flags/defines

  • I am trying to integrate Qt into a build environment where QMake/CMake is currently not an option, hence I need to understand every detail of the build process to replicate it in our own Makefiles.

    What are the purpose of the DEFINES (e.g. -DUNICODE, -DWIN32, -DQT_DLL, -DQT_WEBKIT_LIB, etc) ? Are they necessary for building projects based on Qt (not QT itself) - and if, where do I find a complete list of relevant flags? Can possibly missing flags cause various obscure failures at runtime?

    I have tried removing them from the autogenerated makefiles in various example projects, which does not seem to change anything.

  • I believe they're important...

    I did a a very fast lookup for those string:

    UNICODE are being used in 3rdparty/wintab/wintab.h
    QT_DLL is being used in global/qglobal.h

    New you need to track down what they're doing ;)

    Anyway, whatever you have to do, replicate qmake's work probably is not a good idea.
    Post here your environment issues and maybe we can help you in a proper way.

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