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QVTKWidget.h is not downloaded in my desktop

  • Hi. I want to use QVTKWidget in windows through CMake.

    Through CMake, I checked


    QT5_DIR : E:/SoftWares/QT/5.14.2/msvc2015_64/lib/cmake/Qt5
    QT5Core_DIR : E:/SoftWares/QT/5.14.2/msvc2015_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Core
    QT5Gui_DIR : E:/SoftWares/QT/5.14.2/msvc2015_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Gui
    QT5Sql_DIR : E:/SoftWares/QT/5.14.2/msvc2015_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Sql
    Qt5Widgets_DIR : E:/SoftWares/QT/5.14.2/msvc2015_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Widgets

    BUILD_SHARED_LIBS is checked

    and Configure in Cmake was Visual Studio 2015, x64

    my Qt version is

    Qt Creator 4.14.0
    Based on Qt 5.15.2 (MSVC 2019, 64 bit)

    I searched that to use VTK in QT, there is QVTKWidget.h should be downloaded
    however, I did almost all that I can do, but it never downloads QVTKWidget.h in my desktop..

    Is there anyone who tell me which CMake "variables? things?" should be checked to download QVTKWidget.h?

    Thank you.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you build and install VTK ?

  • @SGaist

    And I found.. what should i say? CMake cache variable?

    this variable is little bit different, in my computer to enable qt,
    it is VTK_GROUP_ENABLE_Qt instead of VTK_GROUP_QT.
    maybe that's why there is nonVQTK_USE_QVTK_QTOPENGL in my CMake.

    do you know why these variables are changed in my CMake?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    I don't know. Detection failure as it seems and maybe there has been some changes it the way VTK handles Qt detection.

  • The only thing you need to manually set in cmake is VTK_GROUP_ENABLE_Qt
    That should be all.
    So would just try to delete the cache and build and rebuild everything.

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