[SOLVED]Can't specify toolchain for Desktop - MinGW4.4

  • I've downloaded the latest QtSDK, all components including mingw, and ran the maintenance tool to update Creator to 2.4.0

    When I open my project, I see that the build setting "Qt 4.7.4 for Desktop -MinGW 4.4(Qt SDK) Debug" is an option so I select it.

    The Qt version now becomes "Qt 4.7.4 for Desktop - MinGW 4.4(Qt SDK).

    However, the tool chan is greyed out and specified as "Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 9.0(x86)". There seems nothing I can do to change it to G++.

    Is there a way?

  • Fixed by reinstalling the SDK, and specifiying that old creator settings by cleared. Magic!

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