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androiddeployqt and symlink'd folders

  • Hi all.

    I have a collection of projects and these share various QML "libraries". Each library is a folder (and subfolders) full of $stuff topped with a .pri and .qrc file that is included in each projects main .pro file.

    Each library folder is then symlink'd into the project file e.g. a project $$PWD/experiments/some_thing has a symlink'd folder called button_lib (for example) that actually lives somewhere different in the repository. Each project can bring these in by just symlinking e.g. just cd to the folder $/experiments/some_thing and ln -s ../../../libs/button_lib button_lib.

    However, androiddeployqt appears to be using canonical paths when searching for qml file etc as I get the message Import found outside of import paths button_lib or similar.

    iOS seems to work as does macOS deploy.

    Does anyone have any good advice? If necessary I will build my own version of androiddeployqt - the source is out there and it wouldn't take too long to find a fix (with a little help!). But if there's a better way that'd be great.

    TIA, Matthew.

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