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Qt online installer can not start

  • Hello everyone. Using Qt for a long time and I got a brand new computer. I am trying to reinstall Qt 5.15.2 for my projects. I downloaded the online installer and I tried to run it as an administrator but it does not work. App can not start at all. Here is what I get:

    It is probably some libraries missing or something but I cannot figure.
    Windows 10 pro (x64), amd cpu

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    @info check the links in the top banner regarding the issue!

    Seems like I was a bit to hasty,
    I reopened the topic as it's not necessarily related to the ongoing server issue

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    hi @info
    Since I can't read French(?) well and I can't use google translate on the image, could you translate the error message box?

  • It says:
    The application did not succeed to start properly (0xc000007b). Clic OK to close the application.

    Nothing really usefull. Most of the time it happens when the app have some dll missing issues. Like c++ redistribuable, .NET framework not installed properly. If someone has an idea about what is supposed to be installed on a new computer to run the online installer it would be appreciated.

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    I think I had such a situation with one of my applications, also using the QtInstallerFrameWork same as Qt.
    And, if I remember correctly, the issue was a wrongly installed Visual Studio c++ Redistributable version ( 2013 was installed and 15/17/19 was needed)

  • yeah I had 2010 x32/x64 and 2015 x64
    I installed 2013 x32/x64 and 2015 x32 and now it works.

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