Qt's website doesn't offer some 64-bit downloads

  • When you go to the "download section":http://qt.nokia.com/downloads of Qt's website, the following sections are displayed:

    Qt SDK

    Qt Library

    Qt Creator

    Other downloads ( Visual Studio Add-in, etc. )

    Here are some 64-bit unavailability spots:

    Qt SDK doesn't have 64-bit downloads for Windows.

    Qt Library doesn't have 64-bit downloads for Windows and Linux.

    Qt Creator doesn't have 64-bit downloads for Windows.

    For example, I downloaded the Qt 4.8.0 VS2010 for Windows, but it is build only for x86.

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    Ad 1. - SDK on Windows uses mingw-gcc, and is available only in 32, because of mingw limitations. They can be overcome, but this is not "official" - if you want to, compile yourself.
    Ad 2. - libraries are source code, you can compile it as 32 or 64b.
    Ad 3. - see ad 1.

    I'm not totally sure about Windows, as I use GNU/Linux. This is info I overheard here and there over time.

  • I have already compiled both 4.7.4 and 4.8.0 using VS 2010 x64 myself. I was just curious why these are not offered for download. I am particularly interested in VS 2010 x64 builds for Qt libraries. VS 2010 x86 builds are uploaded but no VS 2010 x64 ones.

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    Can't answer that. You would have to ask Nokia/ Trolls.

    I'm happy to have both on tux, even though I use 64b only.

  • x64 for VS 2010 are offered by Nokia/Digia (maybe just for commercial customers)
    but we would like to have x64 for VS 2008 as well.


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