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breakpoint makes qtcreator freezing

  • Hello,
    The version of qtcreator I am using is 3.3.1. My system is a win 7 64-bit. I have the same software environment in the office, and they work well. This is the first time I do this work at home. It happens at setting breakpoints. The application started without a problem in debug mode, and breakpoints were done before I launch the debug. It soon freezes as I press a button to trigger running the program.

  • sorry, it is here at the first breakpoint 10 minutes later.

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    @Make-it-GREAT-again which compiler and debugger are you using?

    Also consider upgrading, current version is Creator 4.14.

  • Unfortunately, the debugger used inside Qt Creator on Windows is really, really bad. Initial delays can happen when Qt Creator loads all dlls for your application. Never had to wait for 10 minutes, though (also depends how much your application does itself before hitting this breakpoint).

    Another thing is that showing the values on the current stack when hitting a breakpoint can take quite long. So, maybe your 10 minutes are mostly a part of displaying the current values. In larger applications this is horrible most of the time.

    That is why on Windows I use Visual Studio directly as debugger. Use qmake -tp vc to create Visual Studio project and then run the debugger over there. You can also just attach to a running process so that VS will not recompile your project. This approach will be a lot faster and you are not going to wait 10 minutes.

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