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IOS launch image no longer support from Info.plist

  • I have the latest xcode and Qt installed, and am trying to compile my app for ios. ALl works great, so I decided to add launch images as described here:

    However, it seems that Apple has removed all support for launch images from Info.plist (now get a compiler error).

    Could someone update the platform notes, or perhaps just post here, how to create a storyboard (which I think is how Apple wants us to do it) in a fashion that is Qt friendly?

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    hi @ocgltd
    ran into that myself, the support is not dropped but a size limit was apparently added, I had to rescale my launch image down to 20 is kb and it resumed working

  • I will try rescaling my images. They are approx 256kb now, so that's going to be a big (grainy) reduction! How did you get your file sizes that small? Did you scale the horizontal and vertical pixel counts? Compress (if possible with PNG)? Reduce color depth?

    Can you confirm the link above is accurate? In particular, the plist (xml) filenames do NOT match the filenames suggest for use earlier. For example, suggested file called LaunchImage-iOS7-568h@2x.png is referenced in XML as LaunchImage-iOS7 (what happened to the rest of the filename)

    At the moment my build process dies with:

    The following build commands failed:
    	ProcessInfoPlistFile Release-iphoneos/ /Volumes/data/development-sillykitty/myapp/ios/Info.plist
    (1 failure)
    make: *** [xcodebuild-release-device] Error 65
    17:44:05: The process "/usr/bin/make" exited with code 2.

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    @ocgltd said in IOS launch image no longer support from Info.plist:

    Can you confirm the link above is accurate

    I think so,
    It is the guide I originally also used, it even seems updated to from when I used it. I do however use a storyboard for launch image stuff, IIRC

    At the moment my build process dies with:

    you updated Xcode, did you make a clean rebuild ? Deleted build folder and, importantly removed the qmake.stash file, that one may be potentially outside the build folder

  • I see on apple site that size is limited to 25MB, so I'm already well within that range (each file is < 1MB). So that's not it.

    I deleted build folders, couldn't find any qmake.stash, cleaned and rebuilt. Still same error. I include only 2 launch images now (ignore ipad in plist) and error remains....

    Perhaps I should give up on this approach. From what I read online Apple has already deprecated launchimage inside plist.

    Are there any Qt friendly steps for building/using a storyboard with launch images?

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