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Deploying qt creator project on linux - various problems

  • Hi, I am trying to deploy my qt application on Linux
    I have downloaded linuxdeployqt-7-x86_64 from github
    I have followed the following steps

    Created a new folder named (deploy-with-linuxdeployqt), placed my qt app(Process_Orders) inside this folder. Then, placed an image file for icon, and a .desktop file as well.
    Desktop file looks like this

    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Edit this default file
    After all this, my downloads folder has github downloaded file
    I cd to Downloads and run the following command

    ./linuxdeployqt-7-x86_64.AppImage ~/Documents/cpp/deploy-with-linuxdeployqt/Process_Orders

    It gave me the error that system is too new
    Then I added (-unsupported-allow-new-glibc) in the command, and it gave me this output

    linuxdeployqt 6 (commit d41e234), build 724 built on 2020-07-31 15:51:47 UTC
    WARNING: Not checking glibc on the host system.
    The resulting AppDir or AppImage may not run on older systems.
    This mode is unsupported and discouraged.
    For more information, please see
    Not using FHS-like mode
    app-binary: "/home/kaleem/Documents/cpp/deploy-with-linuxdeployqt/Process_Orders"
    appDirPath: "/home/kaleem/Documents/cpp/deploy-with-linuxdeployqt"
    relativeBinPath: "Process_Orders"
    WARNING: Plugin "/home/kaleem/anaconda3/plugins/platformthemes/" not found, skipping
    WARNING: Plugin "/home/kaleem/anaconda3/plugins/styles/" not found, skipping

    I want to create an executable file , when I double click it, it should run just like it ran perfectly in qt creator
    Can somebody help me out?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Ahsan-Niaz said in Deploying qt creator project on linux - various problems:

    I want to create an executable file

    Executable file is created when you build your project, not when you deploy. If you deploy you get a directory containing your executable and all needed libraries. I don't see any errors in the output you posted. So, you should now have a directory with your executable and needed libs/plugins.

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