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Changing system time problem [MeeGo Harmattan]

  • Hi all!

    I'm trying to set system time using MeeGo::QmTime::setTime(), but it required a timed::TimeControl resource token. Unfortunately aegis doesn't allow it at installation time:

    bq. Package myapp: denied 'timed::TimeControl' -- origin '' does not allow it
    Package myapp: denied 'timed::TimeControl' for '/opt/myapp/bin/myapp' -- origin '' does not allow it

    As a result setTime() doesn't work without that token, it always return zero (false).
    SDK's help documentation and aegis configuration on the real device are different. What is the point to include in SDK the API which can not be actually used?

    So is there any way to set system time from my own code? Maybe there is another API which able to change system date/time on MeeGo, and which will really work?

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