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Usage of the Qt's layout system logic

  • Hi, our team is working on an internal UI library. We already have a commercial Qt license that we use in other projects (some of which will use this library). In this lib, we'd like to get inspiration from Qt's layout system so that we can achieve similar functionality. We'd only need to copy the logic from a few functions (mainly from qlayoutengine_p.cpp, qboxlayout.cpp, etc.) - e.g. our base class is not QWidget, we'd support only some of the Qt's layout attributes, it obviously wouldn't be compiled as a Qt source, and so on. So basically the codebase would need to be all reworked but the logic and calculations behind it would stay the same.

    My question is, what else (except the commercial license) do we need to copy the functionality from these sources based on our needs? Many thanks in advance.

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    That's likely a question better asked to a lawyer which I am not.

    My thoughts is that you should clearly attribute the code you are copying as well as its licenses and also be ready for breakage because since you are pillaging the private implementation it may change at any time.

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