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How do you make a radio button set two variables?

  • How do you use a radio button to set two variables in sugarcube?

    For example, in:

    What's your favorite pie?
    <label><<radiobutton "$pie.flavour" "blueberry" checked>> Blueberry?</label>
    <label><<radiobutton "$pie.flavour" "cherry">> Cherry?</label>
    <label><<radiobutton "$pie.flavour" "coconut cream">> Coconut cream?</label>

    If I also wanted cherry to set $pie.description to "Made with the finest morello cherries"

    I could only find a post saying "It's possible, but don't do it" (for reasons that don't apply here) but not how. There's nothing in the docs and i've tried passing it various types of objects and arrays, which (unsurprisingly) failed.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Looks like 100% html, how is it related to Qt ?

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