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Questions on producing pdf files.

  • The first question is how to producing pdf files from QGraphicsScene with "copyable/searchable" text?

    My code produces pdf by rendering QGraphicsScene content onto properly initialized QPrinter. While dealing with application such text can be edited, copied into clipboard etc. How can I produce pdf from QGraphicsScene, with the ability to copy my text string, or it is impossible and I need to create QTextDocument instead?

    QGraphicsTextItem* textItem = new QGraphicsTextItem ( text );

    textItem->setPlainText ( text );
    textItem->setTextInteractionFlags ( Qt::TextEditorInteraction );
    textItem->setFlags( QGraphicsItem::ItemIsSelectable | textItem->flags() );

    scene->addItem( textItem );

    QPrinter pdfPrinter;
    pdfPrinter.setOutputFormat( QPrinter::PdfFormat );
    pdfPrinter.setPaperSize( QSize(scene->width(), scene->height()), QPrinter::Point );
    pdfPrinter.setOutputFileName( path );

    QPainter pdfPainter;
    pdfPainter.begin( &pdfPrinter);
    scene->render( &pdfPainter );

    And the second question:
    suppose we have QPixmap items on the scene, how can I control the quality and a compression codec in generated pdf file by the method of first question?

    I suppose there are a way similar to "codecs" approach to read specific image format, so may be I need to implement such plugin to store, for example, JBIG2 compressed pixmaps, into generated pdfs? Am I wrong? Any suggestions, code snippets appreciated.

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