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What license should be applied to PySide2 linking methode by using Pyinstaller?

  • Below is part of my source code.

    #pyside2 package
    from PySide2.QtWidgets import *
    from PySide2.QtGui import *
    #import a *.py file created by rcc pyside2-uic, pyside2-rcc 
    from QRC.img import qt_resource_data
    from QRC.main import Ui_Main

    1> Can *.py results made by rcc, uic be used independently of licenses?

    2> If Exe was made by a pyinstaller, is its link dynamic or statistical? My concern is whether to comply with the rules that require dynamic linking of LGPLs due to bundle method.

    In case of *.dll files, Import them as it is. However, Python files, such as, are bundled into exe of the executable program.

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    1. these are generated files so their licence will follow the one you use for your application

    2. that's a question for the pyinstaller folks. However it's likely just gathering the modules you need and does not do any linking.

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