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Different flicking behavior per boot session

  • Hi.
    I have a Pi4 with a Waveshare1080x1920 amoled touchscreen, running a single EGLFS Qt QML app on top of PiOS Lite.

    In the containers (ListView, PathView, ...), the flicking animation's smoothness is inconsistent between boot sessions.

    At times, more exception than rule unfortunately, the flick animations are very slick across a large flick range (many items pass by for a swift swipe).

    More often than not however, for the same swipe speed, the animation ends after only 1 or a few items have passed, and only occasionally moves over a larger range.

    Both the (rare) good and the (usual) bad behaviors persist for the duration of the boot session.

    How do I go about to debug this kind of problem? Can it be some hardware initialization problem with the touch screen (e.g. touch event updates not notified fast enough, such that swipe calculations are wrong)?

    Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

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