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QML Camera : videoCapture not documented?

  • Hey;
    the declarative-camera example makes use of a "videoCapture" property inside the Capture element.

        Camera {
            id: camera
            captureMode: Camera.CaptureStillImage
            imageCapture {
                //resolution: "1920x1440"
                onImageCaptured: {
                    photoPreview.source = preview
                    stillControls.previewAvailable = true
                    cameraUI.state = "PhotoPreview"
            videoRecorder {
                 resolution: "1920x1440"
                 frameRate: 30
    Is it possible  this videoRecorder is not documented?
    On top of that, if I don't set imageCapture.resolution (to a 4:3 aspect ratio), the taken pictures will have maximum resolution available from the camera. 
    On armv7 arch (android 9), this happens despite setting the properties above.
    I stop the camera, then set the camera resolution and restart it when the status is set to "PhotoCapture" (following the declarative-camera example), and use capturetolocation to then save the image.
    Can there be such substantial differences on android versions / different devices or am I doing something wrong?

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    It is documented in "detailed description" of the class. But you are right, it should also be mentioned as a property in the list of properties - that's a documentation bug, please report it.

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