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Share Screen from QWebEngineView

  • Hello,

    I need to load a web page in QWebEngineView which make a screen recording, everything works well from accepting the permission and all this stuff, but on the web site when I press screen record or screen share there is a popup dialog show up that allows me to select between share my full desktop or share a specific Window, this screen never show up in QWebEngineView

    Iam using QWebEngineView from the Project Examples which is a QWebEgineView simple browser you can find it Here and it comes with QT Examples, the only line sof Code I added is allow screen capture in main.cpp and some other for maybe it show the dialog but they never work.

        QWebEngineSettings::defaultSettings()->setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::ScreenCaptureEnabled, true);
        QWebEngineSettings::defaultSettings()->setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::JavascriptCanOpenWindows, true);
        QWebEngineSettings::defaultSettings()->setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::AllowRunningInsecureContent, true);
        QWebEngineSettings::defaultSettings()->setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::AllowWindowActivationFromJavaScript, true);

    Also here is a screenshot of the popup window and how it looks like

    alt text

    This never shows in QWebEngine but work normally in Chrome, any idea of permission I need to give or how to pass this tricky dialog form?

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