Issues with USB connectivity between Windows XP PC and N950

  • Hi,

    I am having the following issues when I connect my N950 to my Windows XP PC for development via USB:

    both the PC and the phone have no internet access while they are connected through the USB cable; they are both connected to the same WiFi router which works OK when they are not connected through the USB;

    If I disconnect the USB cable I will now have internet both on my PC and on my phone;

    While connected through the USB cable if I try to deploy my app from Qt Creator (version 2.3.1, Qt SDK 1.1.4) Qt Creator will complain that it can not connect to the remote device (my N950). In order to be able to deploy my app from Qt Creator on the phone, I need to turn ON airplane mode;

    After I finally manage to get my app on the phone, since my app requires internet connectivity, I need to disconnect the USB cable (and of course turn airplane mode OFF); now the app will have internet access, but since the USB cable is disconnected it means I can not do any tracing/debugging with Qt Creator.

    I do not have any of these issues with Qt Creator on my Mac OS X (although sometimes when I try to access some SVN server from the MAC this will not be possible from the Mac, but otherwise internet works great both on the Mac and N950 while USB cable is connected).

    Has anyone had these issues before?

    Thanks & regards,

    Edit: fixed layout of list; Andre

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