Qt Creator does not print full googletest debug output anymore (since one of the last updates)

  • I used autotests with googletest in Qt creator for a long time.

    Back in the days of older Qt Creator versions, when I switched the test result pane from showing the test results in the fancy autotest format to the raw text output, I was able to fully see all debug output that has been generated during the test run from my test application.

    However, a while ago, Qt creator started to not show the Qt debug output generated by the test application anymore.
    I can still see the full googletest output when I run the test application manually by clicking "Run", containing all the Qt debug messages.

    I cannot really remember when exactly this behaviour started. Probably with 4.12 or 4.13, I did not yet check it by downgrading (currently on 4.14).

    Does anyone have an Idea how to find out, what's going on here?

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