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AutoComplete and Vectors Iterators Not working.

  • Hello All,

    I did some looking around and found lots of people have problem with autocomplete not working with gui objects. And rebuilding was a solution. That's not a solution for me.

    I'm using the STL vector to make a vector of strings. When I make the iterator, the autocomplete don't work. For example,
    i have to manually type out

    The autocomplete don't work in some other places, and i was wondering if there was a reason. I've also seen other instances of autocomplete not working, but I'd have to write them down to remember them.


  • I think what you are seeing is an example of "Qt Creator bug #955": . It's supposed to work, but there are a bunch of issues so a lot of times it doesn't.

  • Thanks, that's nice to know I wasn't screwing something up for a change.

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