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Change The Text Of QChart's Legend and It's Width

  • I changed my QPieserie's label to it's value. Because of this the QChart's Legend changed to it's "color's" value.

    Also before I changed the labels to values. They were really long so the Legends text where "Sample Text...". Is there a way I can change the legends width?

    One last unrelated question. I'm using pycharm and when I make a QChart() instance. am warning occurs "Parameter flags unfulfiled" I don't know if this is serious but It just bothers me. Is this a pycharm thing or?

    Anyways thanks in advance!!

  • @Qt-Bot05
    For the PyCharm warning, it does depend on your exact code but chances are this is a spurious warning, which you can ignore. There are several hits from Googling: pycharm Parameter unfulfilled.

    BTW, I forget where but somewhere in PyCharm settings there is a checkbox/selection for "I am using PyQt or PySide2". If you have not already set that, it might perform better on PyQt/PySide2 issues like this.

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