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breakpoint in some method not hit as expected.

  • i am new to qt. I cloned project KRDC and checked out to v19.12.3 ([https://github.com/KDE/krdc/releases/tag/v19.12.3](link url))
    the code works well in debug mode, i mean, i can remote connect to remote desktop.
    however, i cannot step into the RdpViewFactory::createview method as shown on screenshot below, and i had set a breakpoint in RdpViewFactory::createview method, but the breakpoint was not hit.

    when debug stops at line 288 and i try steps into, it goes to line 289. You can see at right of the picture that the type of factory is RdpViewFactory. what can be wrong?


  • One common reason for that is that there is no debug information available for the code implementing the RdpViewFactory::createview method, either because it was not compiled with debug info (e.g. -g flag missing on the command line), or it was stripped later.

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