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QTcpSocket and using Wireshark

  • I have two processes that using QTcpSocket to send JSON data to each other, presently both processes are running on the same system.

    I have set-up Wireshark to capture the Loopback:lo0, when I start the processes communicating I can see that instantly Wireshark shows quite a few packets, but I'm not seeing any of the expected data.

    I'm using Qt Creator to debug and I can see that the process receiving the packet sent by the other does receive a valid packet and the content is as I would expect, but I don't see this data showing in Wireshark. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, can anyone help me?

    I've looked at the traffic in Wireshark which starts when I start the processes and stops when I terminate debugging. The length field in the packets looks correct, but I don't see anything that matches what I'm receiving, it just looks like the packets are empty.

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