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My app uses Phonon, QT4, worked fine on 10.13 but crashes on 10.14

  • I have an app that was custom made for me by a company that's gone out of business. It used phonon and essay writer QT4 to display videos (and a lot more); it worked great on 10.13, but I've upgraded to Mojave and now it runs but crashes with a segmentation fault when it tries to open a video. Apparently QT5 doesn't have Phonon? are there any workarounds short of having to re-do the whole app? I have the sources; how to recompile so that it works on 10.14?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    No, Qt 5 does not have Phonon. It provides the QtMultimedia module in place.

    You have two solutions: porting to Qt 5 (maybe Qt 6 directly).

    Install Qt 4 using macports or brew and debug your application. Note that Qt 4 has reached end of life a long time ago, so it's likely worth porting to Qt 5. The porting effort is nothing like the Qt 3 - Qt 4. It's pretty straightforward.

    By the way what does the crash tell you ?

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