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Cross-compiling Qt, link order .so & .a ?

  • Hi,

    cross-compiling Qt, I have a thridparty's .a file which changes some functions' implementation of a gcc library.

    for example is compiler's shared library, i have not libgcc_a.a.
    libmy_a.a is the file i want to use.

    I want to link libmy_a.a first than, if a function find in both file.

    Is it possible?

  • can change the environment variable path for the lib and put your own before the standard one!

  • Thanks,
    but...which one?

    I add
    LIBS +=-Lpath_to_my_a_lib -lmy_a
    seems not work.

    can you give me more info?

  • Maybe this helps.

    Add the library by path. You will be sure that it's the library you wanna use:
    LIBS += /somepath/

    or try editing as AlterX probably suggested:

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