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Can I see some simple examples of regular expressions in C++?

  • I'm trying to search for some good examples of regular expressions in C++, so I came here. Nothing really complex, just simple, because I'm learning. Maybe some example code for checking whether the first two characters of a string are digits, and whether the rest are lower-case letters? Really, anything would be fine.

    I also have another question about QRegExp. Do I have to use it with Qt Creator, or can I just do it the classic way?

  • Did you read "QRegExp class reference": ?

    Qt libraries are not bound with Qt Creator so you can use QRegExp with any IDE.

  • Okay, thanks for linking me there. I have a question about setting QRegExp values though, because it seems that you can't set them using the '=' sign. For example, this works:

    QRegExp regexp1("^[0-9]*$");

    ..but this doesn't..

    QRegExp regexp1 = "^[0-9]*$";

    Are there any reasons why they don't work? And since I'm used to using an '=' sign to set my values, is there any way I can still set them using the '=' operator?

  • What's wrong with using setPattern? A regular expression is not a string.

  • bq. What’s wrong with using setPattern? A regular expression is not a string. bq.

    What is setPattern and how do I use it?

  • I repeat myself - did you read the documentation? setPattern is member function of QRegExp class which allows you to, obviously, set pattern.

  • In particular, have a look at the "Code Examples": section, which I think probably has the simple sort of regex examples you are looking for (assuming you already know a bit about regular expressions, and are just looking for info on implementing them using QRegExp).

  • Just to be absolutely clear here... have a look at this:

    QSortFilterProxyModel *proxy=new QSortFilterProxyModel();

    //The following regexpression filters the column after "NuMbeR1 OR Test3122 OR Dethklok".
    //I hope the confusion is solved now.
    QRegExp regExp("NuMbeR1|Test3122|Dethklok");


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