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Windows 8 Metro Style

  • Hi!
    (sorry for my poor english)

    One of the most important "pilars" of QT is that their GUIs looks native in all supported desktop platforms.

    With Windows 8 the recommend style of new apps is the "Metro" Style. (the classic style is going to be deprecated progressively).

    are QT going to support that new Style?

    Lately Nokia has almost dropped developing of desktop new features... so.... I'm afraid.


  • Well, there is no Windows 8 / Metro style, is there? Just do what you want as long as it is fullscreen (this is where QML shines).

    For anything else just follow the "windows 8": tag. There are plenty of discussions by now.

  • I disagree...
    Metro is not only "fullscreen" apps. Has a defined style of how their elements should look.

    QML is not Metro style.
    In QML you can imitate -hard work- to look like Metro style apps... of course...
    but that is not the spirit of Qt.

  • In Visual Studio 2012 you can develop Metro style apps... in html... but is planned that .net support it too.

  • and you can't run a qml app in the metro dashboard of windows 8

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    Digia has Metro Style support in Qt Commercial. "LINK":

  • Hi javimoya,

    as windows 8 is not out now, where should Qt have the metro style from? typically, for the native styles, they use also API calls. I am sure, when win8 is out and a Qt version that supports win8 is also out (what I am sure will come), it will support it.

  • Windows 8 for Developers purporse is already out.
    And... the real problem is:
    windows qt (win32 now) is going to be port to the new WinRT ???

    I guess no.... because it could be done right now... and be ready when windows 8 arrive.

  • Qt is really open source now. If you think it is important, I suggest you get started!

  • I would like to do it...
    but I haven't the knowledge & talent needed to modify QT code.

    BTW... windows is a tier1 platform for QT....
    and QWidget is in status "Done"...
    so... it would be updated to Windows8.... or be honest and mark it as "Deprecated" and Windows as a tier3.

  • Windows 8 isn't out for general usage. Why should Qt have support for it NOW? Nobody stated that Win8 will not be supported in the future. So what is this whining all about?

  • An official version of Qt that is out now (a release) can't support a platform, that is not out now. I am sure, when it is out, it will be supported (however it is done).

  • /facepalm

    Porting win32 QT to WinRT and develop the engineering needed to support Metro Style apps is not an easy task. It takes time.... a lot of time. Months.
    That's why Microsoft give a preview version of Window 8 to developers... to start upgrading their tools prior the launch.

    We want to create Metro QT apps in 2012... not in 2018.

    Of course... I'm not asking to support Win8 on QT 4.8....
    but.... it should be a top priority for QT 5 (that is expected to be released after win8).

    I hope all of you are right... and there are plans to support it. (but it's suspicious that there no disccussion about that on qt5 branch)
    Windows is a tier1 platform... and QWidget is in "done" state... so... we should expect it.

    We will see.

  • are they ok?

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    @elte12: who?

    I'm fine, myself, thanks ;) but I doubt you meant me.

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