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QTextEdit in QListWidget

  • I'm trying to make a TODO Application. I wanted to a function to have notes on your TODO's.

    At first I wanted to have a view button that takes you to the next page with a PlainTextEdit. But I wanted it to be simpler. So my idea is when you press an item in the QListWidget it will toggle on the qplaintextedit below it. If I'm Not Making Much sense here's a simple drawing.


    You can toggle the text edit by clicking on the item.
    Is what I'm asking possible? Thanks in advance!

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    The QToolBox is such a collapsible widget but Im not sure we can add a checkbox to its title in any easy way.

    Its also possible to make the ListWidget collapsible with a bit of house keeping code to handle if its
    Note row is visible or not.

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