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Impossible to run .exe after release

  • Hi everyone !
    Once I had coded my first Qt application (a very simple datas monitor with only one window in qml) all works perfectly without errors in Debug mode with the MSVC 2019 compiler, I now want to deploy all to get the executable .exe to use this out of Qt Creator.

    I followed the steps, selected the "release mode", the build ended successfull and without errors, and then I used the windeployqt.exe to add all the dll needed. All this steps are working fine, but when I try to run my .exe nothing happens...

    How can I find the problem and fix it ? I think some files (libraries or ressources) are missing or maybe the build step was not correctly made but without any error message I'm really stuck and I don't know where to look for the problem.

    Thank you in advance for you're help !

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    @simatton said in Impossible to run .exe after release:

    How can I find the problem and fix it ?

    Try to start the app from a terminal and see whether there are any warnings/errors.

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