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Missing languages for qtbase and qtdeclarative files

  • Dear all

    I'm missing the following qtbase and qtdeclarative .qm files for proper translation:

    • italien: qtdeclarative_it.qm
    • catalan: qtdeclarative_ca.qm
    • portuguese: qtdeclarative_pt.qm and qtbase_pt.qm
    • swedish: qtdeclarative_sv.qm and qtbase_sv.qm
    • norwegian: qtdeclarative_no.qm and qtbase_no.qm
    • dutch: qtdeclarative_nl.qm and qtbase_nl.qm
    • czech: qtdeclarative_cs.qm
    • turkish: qtdeclarative_tr.qm and qtbase_tr.qm
    • simplified chinese: qtdeclarative_zh_CN/TW.qm missing and qtbase_zh_CN.qm (traditional qtbase_zh_TW.qm exists)

    Can I safely use the english versions instead, as they should not have an influence on the translated strings within our Frontend application? Or are there still some strings in pop-ups etc. which might use translations from qtbase or qtdeclarative files?
    I would assume that our custom .ts files provide everything to translate all strings marked with tr(), qsTr() and that qtbase or qtdeclarative files are only for "internal" use in e.g. QtCreator.

    I'm using Qt 5.12.6 (but they are also missing in more recent versions

    Thanks and best

  • Moderators

    @Stephan13 Qt modules also contain strings that might show up in your application. Take for instance QWizard: Some buttons here are translated within Qt Widgets. There are also some error messages that you might show as part of your UI.

    That said, this is indeed the minority of translatable strings. So depending on your application, it might be perfectly fine not to ship translations of any of the strings in the Qt libraries, or for only a tiny fraction of it.

    In general, it would be of course ideal to provide translations to as many languages as possible :) See also

  • Thanks for the insights. We will check for missing translations and consider contributing :)


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