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How to set win32 window as a parent of QWebView widget window.

  • Hi,

    I was exploring QWebView and was amazed with the functionality of this class. It helped me a lot.
    Actually I am trying to render adobe flash content by specifying the flash URL.

    My problem is that when I call Load() on QWebVIew, since it is derived from QWidget it brings the QWidget window
    but I wanted to make this QWebView/QWidget window as a child of mstsc.exe window.
    I can get the HWND of mstsc.exe but not getting the way how to make existing win32 window as a parent of QWebView.
    I saw in constructor of QWebView it expects QWidegt as a parent. How can we specify HWND here?

    Same stuff I will be trying in Linux as well.


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