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setWindowState(Qt::WindowFullScreen) is unter the taskbar

  • Hello, I have really big problem with the newer Qt Version im MS-Windows.
    In Qt 5.5 (and maybe in somer higher versions)


    produces a Window over the taskbar.

    In the last Qt versions the window gets full screen size but the lower part will be hidden of the taskbar.
    I had hinted in an other thread on this problem before. The solution was at that time:

    ->setWindowFlags(BaseForm->windowFlags() |   Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint);

    I was happy about the solution, but I detected a lot of problem with this hack.

    1. Every QMessageBox is always invisible because it behind every window. (This problem I solved with a custom MessageBox.)

    2. Main problem is, that I cannot bring the Windows.Camera on top.
      Its opens, but it like the messagebox under the window.
      My app needs the camera function absolutely.

    Has anybody a solution for this problem ?

    Best regards
    Andreas Weichert

  • I found the solution for myself.

    BaseForm->setWindowState(BaseForm->windowState() ^
                     ^ Qt::WindowMaximized

    The Qt::WindowMaximized flag is important.

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