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Online installer issue

  • I have installed qt open source to a lot of pc's (like six or so) but nowadays I have a problem with a windows pc , the installer just don't work. Yesterday I run the maintenance tool on my linux pc and it gave me the new green installer and it worked fine .On the other hand I run the installer on a windows pc today and it terminates at the actual installation step (after choosing the components) anyone with the same experience ?Is it a pc bug or a thing that happened these days because of the update to qt6 ,should I report that ? I don't have logs as the installer immediately terminate after I choose components and hit the next button

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    Sounds like a bug to me. Or maybe antivirus blocked it for some reason?

  • @sierdzio Hmm not the adivirous I have only the default windows protection, and I tried deactivating it,I also tried disabling my firewall .Maybe there is a slow /bad mirror ? I live in Greece by the way ,any other suggestion?

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    Just random guesses, sorry:

    • make sure your maintenance is up to date (recent updates require several repeats of: update -> restart maintenance tool -> update -> restart maintenance tool), then try to install
    • uninstall Qt completely, then install it again

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