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Double-clicking on a QGraphicsItem messing up with Panning feature of the QGraphicsView. Please help.

  • HI,
    I have followed this example to apply zooming and panning features to my QGraphicsView. My view comprises of a QGraphicsScene which comprises of CLICKABLE QGraphicsEllipseItem. Now the implementation of panning is based on single clicking. When i double-click my QGraphicsEllipseItem, it should display the name of the object clicked. Ever since i have used above code instead of QGraphicsView i get an error - the first time the correct ellipse name is displayed, however, clicking on any other ellipse object also gives the same name!!!

    Tweaking my code i realize the issue is because of the mouse release event. Did anyone face such situation before ? I do not know how to implement this successfully. Please help.

  • can you put your code somewhere to download?

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